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Our process is built on human centered design and guided by an evolutionary view of how people think and communicate.

strategy through an evolutionary lens

We progress seamlessly from research to implementation with methods that speak to the instinctual (lizard brain), emotional (limbic) and logical (neocortex) aspects of human thinking. This approach provides a framework that can be consistently applied across our services to generate strategies that work.

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We believe that all design decisions should be informed by data. Research is critical to uncovering the drivers that influence decision making and human behavior. 

Proper research gives us greater understanding around consumers’ needs. This foundation provides insight about the competitive landscape and market trends. 

Aligning with clients during the research phase is the best way to make sure voices are heard, and needs are met. 


When neuropsychology and research insights come together we see magic happen and brands come to life. Aligning instinctual human drivers and business aspirations reveal opportunities to forge an emotional connection (rooted in the limbic system).

Contrary to the old school, smoke and mirrors advertising approach, we now know that creative ideas are not enough to influence consumer’s decision making. We must acknowledge there are non-rational factors at play and be ready to step in the gap old school advertising left open for us. 


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Given the abundance of information to be processed every second, our brains are coded to use heuristics or shortcuts that assist with decision making. A digital experience is no different and can be perceived as intuitive or confusing to a user based on mental shortcuts they use everyday. We employ familiar mental models to navigate websites and apps.

Similarly, a brand’s message must bypass the reactive lizard brain and form an emotional connection with customers before it can start selling rational benefits or listing product features. It’s critical that any brand or digital experience accounts for these thinking patterns during its architecture.  


One of the biggest catalysts in human advancement was the ability to speak to each other. This evolutionary trait allowed us to learn from one another and transplant knowledge to survive. Our brains are wired to retain information in the form of stories that reinforce feelings of safety and belonging. This principle is what makes a strong founder’s story or positive customer experiences so impactful.

When implemented effectively, a brand can form a connection through storytelling tactics that meet customers at any stage of their journey. Our roadmaps and digital design solutions capitalize on these opportunities to create memorable experiences. 

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Customer loyalty is built from consistently memorable brand experiences. It’s often after an experience that the logical (neocortex) system steps in to rationalize the decision and evaluate the outcome. This requires brands to stay on top of their touchpoints and in tune with the competitive landscape. It’s not enough to hand over a strategy and walk away as many consultancies do.

Based on the objectives outlined in the research phase, tools are setup to empower clients to track success and respond accordingly. We use data to uncover users’ behavior and assess how strategy and design are performing, and if adaptations are necessary.