Brand strategy and digital design for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups to create unforgettable experiences for their customers.

Strategy & design



Our strategy first process empowers clients to create an impact through design that can be implemented, measured and adapted. 

Digital Strategy

Rapidly evolving technologies and digital platforms present new opportunities to connect with customers. Companies can be quick to jump on the latest trend, but it’s important to identify and align on digital solutions that address both human needs and business objectives.

We collaborate with clients to understand their needs while studying the industry. Research is then conducted with identified end-users that interface with the digital touchpoint to inform the recommended approach. The results provide a digital strategy and foundational roadmap that all parties can get behind to guide ongoing efforts.

Methods & Tools

  • Strategy Sessions & Workshops
  • Digital Roadmap
  • Qualitative/Design Research
  • Customer Journeys
  • Personas
  • Experience Maps
  • Touchpoint Matrix
  • Information Architecture & Site Map
  • Feature Prioritization


User Experience Design

Thoughtful user experience (UX) separates frustrating experiences from the delightful ones. It enables companies to provide intuitive, easy-to-use solutions for the people they serve. UX design involves research with end-users to align their needs with the features offered by a product or service. Similar to blueprints for a house, UX is the planning and foundation behind any digital interface. The UX designer is an advocate for the person on the other side of the screen, and strives to achieve the best usability across brand touchpoints.

Methods & Tools

  • Wireframes
  • Information Architecture
  • Site Map
  • Identifying Personas & Use Cases
  • Feature Lists
  • Usability Testing

Website Design

Customers are discovering companies through digital channels at an increasing rate. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and LinkedIn, all point back to a central website that acts as the face of the business. A professional and well-designed website has become the an expectation for businesses of all sizes. 

Contrary to what many agencies lead you to believe, it’s attainable to create a robust, engaging experience without six-figure budgets. After the site map and feature list have been established, a custom website is created to reflect the company's vision and brand identity. Prior to launch, clients are trained how to use the respective website service providers in order to manage their site without dependence on a designer. This empowers each business to create a dynamic website experience to reflect the evolving nature of their business.

Methods & Tools

  • Website Planning
  • Website Design
  • Photoshoots for Content Creation (images)


Brand Strategy

With ‘always-on’, omni-channel access to customers, it's more important than ever to establish a definitive and consistent brand experience. The chasm between brands that ‘get it’ and those that don’t is extremely evident with companies that have successfully cultivated emotional connections with their audience.

We collaborate closely with businesses to understand the current state of their brand and target audience. I infuse this background with primary demographic research and the surrounding cultural context to uncover key insights that will guide the brand’s positioning. People communicate and resonate through stories, the strategy phase helps to uncover and craft the story behind a brand that can then be shared through appropriate channels. A complete brand strategy typically includes a brand's truth, story, purpose, audience, core values, touchpoint matrix and branding roadmap to bring the experience to life.

Methods & Tools

  • Strategy Sessions & Workshops
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Audit & Perception Mapping
  • Consumer Research 
  • Personas & Drivers
  • Brand Identity & Logo Creation

Social Media Strategy

Social media is a powerful way to offer a consistent experience across digital channels and leverage opportunities to connect with consumers. It acts as a real-time, human interface for a brand. Once a brand identity has been established, it’s vital to communicate the brand’s values through content that resonates with consumers. Each social channel has it’s own advantages and by outlining the best approach to meet a business’ objectives, it improves the impact and return on investment. Social media also acts as a great tool to test different branding tactics and learn about consumer habits. 

Methods & Tools

  • Social Media Research
  • Social Media Audit
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Social Media Framework & Recommendations
  • Social Media Content Calendar


Search Engine Optimization Strategy

A beautiful, intuitive website can only be appreciated by customers if it’s discovered during their search. By conducting the proper SEO research and taking actions to strategically position a website from the start, a company creates connection opportunities to meet customers during their journey. Search engine optimization plays a role in all phases of a website from research and UX, to design and ongoing content planning. Having a proper SEO framework in place empowers a company to get ahead of their competition by providing value and relevance through answers and advice.

An SEO Audit of existing website can uncover major opportunities to improve a website’s ranking through content (copywriting and images) and provide recommendations for implementing best practices.

Methods & Tools

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Targeting Strategy
  • Strategic SEO Content Creation