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Uber for Business Dashboard

Role: UX Design and Research  

Uber for Business is a travel management platform that enables companies easy ground transportation for employees. As one of the fastest growing verticals within Uber, the team was constantly iterating on our primary touchpoint, the admin web dashboard. Working with the support team and interviewing customers, we learned of opportunities to optimize the interface to better align with admin’s workflow. I redesigned the ‘Trips Page’ to enable new functionality and more useful travel details.

As the platform becomes more robust, we hypothesized an overview page would be a beneficial addition for customers to easily manage their account. I designed three versions of the ‘Overview Page’ that explored different ways to visually display information. In collaboration with a visual designer, we brought two of these into high-fidelity mocks then InVision prototypes. I planned and conducted a study to test validation and concept comprehension, which provided actionable insights for us to integrate into our next design iteration. The introduction of customer research early and throughout the design process has been a valued addition and practice that’s been utilized in subsequent team projects


Monthly Billing on Uber for Business

Role: Design Lead

The payment process was a significant pain point for account admins using Uber’s business offering. On top of the usual expensing responsibilities, admins would have to log on to reconcile each trip with their credit card at the end of the month. Recognizing the need for a better customer experience and scalable solution, the team made it a priority to introduce monthly billing. This endeavor required design changes throughout the existing platform as well as new touchpoints and functionality. 

While the technical constraints were outlined, the customer experience needed to be worked through and visually documented to communicate across teams and stakeholders. Working alongside a product manager, I created flowchart, system diagram and phase sequencing visual that outlined the mechanics of monthly billing. These were mapped to the customer journey to ensure the development provided a cohesive end experience. I delivered annotated wireframes and oversaw visual design for each phase as the feature progressed.

Ultimately these documents helped explain our vision to stakeholders and set the example for a smooth workflow between design and engineering that was modeled to other groups within Uber. The monthly billing project is projected to have a significant impact on the team’s annual revenue, with a 25% increase of new companies enrolling and 10% uplift in activity from existing accounts. 


Monthly Statement for Uber for Business

Role: UX Design and Research

A key touchpoint in transitioning customers to monthly billing (a project described in the former example of my portfolio), was the monthly statement. To ensure utility for our range of customers, the statement had to balance a spectrum of content requirements from financial controllers to office admins. To gain insight into the billing process, I conducted nimble research with our existing business customers, internal Uber admins, and users that requested this feature through support. Following research analysis I created high-fidelity wireframes that defined the accurate content and information architecture. These concepts were validated with customers to ensure we were providing a solution that fit their business’ processes. I provided art direction as a visual designer created the finished product. The pilot statement has been released with a small group of beta customers and feedback has been extremely positive. Later this year it will be released to business users across the 56 different countries where Uber operates. 


Personas for Uber for Business

Role: Workshop Contributor and Design Lead

Realizing the team’s need to better identify with those using our business platforms, I collaborated with Uber’s head of research in a persona generation off-site. Bringing together the diverse stakeholders provided a variety of customer lenses and created alignment towards who we are designing for. Following the workshop, I lead the convergence and synthesis efforts to translate the vast information captured into a usable tool.

The outcome was a set of 7 distinct personas that supported the Uber for Business team (30 people) as they continued to design and iterate on various products. They served as communication pieces for planning and decision-making, and an instilled a sense of empathy for our end-users.  


Water Watcher

Concerns over the severe drought inspired an internal project to design a product that effectively influences residential conservation, reduces water consumption, and adds meaningful value to people’s daily conservation efforts. 

The Water Watcher solution, has three components: a monitor, an indicator, and an app. This cohesive solution pairs product and service to facilitate both immediate and long term behavior change. 

Scope & Role

As Lead Designer and Project Manager my role spanned disciplines including research, synthesis, concept generation, wireframing, brand identity, product strategy, interaction and visual design. Subsequently supported BD outreach by participating in clients presentations and creating targeted documentation. 



Emotiv is one of the leading makers of mental activity trackers and wearable EEG devices.  Recently they conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign to develop a consumer device. In a rapid sprint, we partnered to help them understand design for consumers and introduce a complex products in the right way. An lean team worked to define and create their first consumer app, Emotiv Insight, and craft a unique and extendable visual style. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.31.07 AM.png

Visual Programming Customer Experience

The leading provider of multi-channel customer experience and contact center solutions, sought the expertise of our team when it came time to redesign their complex programming software. We were tasked to create a simple, cohesive, visual and easy to use flow designer for the clients’ range of customers. The ultimate goal was to make the flow building process simple and streamlined within the context of the SaaS “business casual” look and feel. The solution needed to work for multichannel automation and routing strategies.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.38.12 AM.png

Expanding the Core User Base

A well-known camera company enlisted our team help uncover ways to expand their user base. By researching women in everyday life scenarios, we identified new opportunities for the Advanced Mounts Group to design products that resonate with a broader and more mainstream audience.

Company name redacted in images below.

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Connected Home

Created a comprehensive presentation to help the internal team at Smart SF break down the complexity and landscape of the connected home. The goal was not only to understand the activity within a rapidly evolving industry, but also provide informed advice around designing for the space. Myself and a colleague specializing in business design presented to the studio, inspiring a fruitful discussion and positive interest from the group that was carried into ongoing and future client work. 

Shown are a few exerts from the complete presentations.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.31.30 AM.png

Service Vision for the Future of Insurance

In our 6 week engagement, we created a service vision concept for the future digital-enabled and digital-native agents. 

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Creating a Seamless Digital Grocery Experience

A leading grocery chain had the insight to know customer's needs were changing and saw opportunity in a 'pick-up' grocery offering. Unsure how to introduce their new digital service while maintaining their personalized reputation, they looked to design for answers. Using service design methodologies, we created a digital app for shoppers that provided a seamless, convenient and approachable experience.

Following an immersive foundations stage and in-home research we generated 4 concept themes. Each concept addressed an uncovered need with a cohesive navigation model and user flow. The concepts were narrowed to 2 with the client's feedback and further refined as step-by-step wireframes. This enabled the client to see the complete experience and make an informed decision. Visual design was applied to the selected concept and a working app was built to bring the final deliverable to life. 

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As an integral member of the PayPal mobile design team, I was advocate for positive user experience, providing inspiration, industry knowledge and documentation for the update of their apps (which processed over $1billion in 2013). 

The refresh leveraged the successful elements of the previous apps, while improving the shopping and in-store payment experience. Across platforms we introduced a simplified visual style, and enhanced technology to support more extensive usage.

For over 6-months I worked hand in hand with a diverse group of designers, helping to shape the future of payments and infuse an organization with a mobile first philosophy. 

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Department of Veterans Affairs: Mobile Apps for PTSD

Collaborated with psychologists to define and document an intuitive mobile experience for veterans undergoing CPT treatment. Lead UX designer and project manager responsible for content organization, interaction and visual design from inception through final delivery and QA testing. 

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Xerox Park: Meshin

Defined an engaging interactive experience with wireframe flows and managed corresponding visual design for mobile apps MeshinNow and MeshinRecall. Complemented this initial engagement with a follow-up redesign to the company’s brand identity. 

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Save the Dates

As a product of the 1980's, friends calling in design favors to assist with wedding invitations, styling and collateral is becoming increasingly popular.  

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Brand Identity

Independently consulted for a diverse range of businesses and non-profits to provide thoughtful brand direction and complimentary brand collateral.