Campos Coffee Brand Messaging | Helping a beloved Australian brand to resonate with an American audience.

Client: Campos Coffee   |  Agency: Super Top Secret

The Ask: Research the consumer and B2B audiences within the specialty coffee industry to provide a strategic messaging platform to guide an Australian brand.   

Capabilities: Consumer Research, Brand Strategy for Messaging Platform


Campos is a cherished Australian brand that’s looking to make an impact in the specialty, artisan coffee market in the US. While they have strong brand recognition in Australia and a compelling founder’s story, they understand it's necessary to adapt their messaging and distribution strategy in the US. The first step in a series of brand initiatives (orchestrated by Super Top Secret Agency) was to create a messaging platform. 

Based on the demographic info supplied and business objectives I created a research screener and conducted interviews with 12 consumers that help define a set of personas. This qualitative research was complemented with a competitive analysis and industry research within the high-end coffee landscape. The insights identified a receptive target demographic that corresponded with Campos’ business expansion strategy and actionable tactics to reach that audience based on their individual drivers.

Following consumer recommendations the research shifted to focus on wholesale through B2B channels of coffee shop owners and head baristas. This required an understanding of the buyers’ motivations and aligning their drivers to a value proposition within Campos’ brand messaging. The strategic findings recommended that Campos focus on respect and inclusivity as its differentiators.

The compilation of research and strategy was delivered to a messaging expert and Super Top Secret's creative team to craft the brand’s messaging platform. Building upon the messaging platform I created concepts and execution examples for digital campaigns to drive brand awareness and increase purchasing of wholesale beans. This included a lead generation flow to bring potential customers from various digital touchpoints to the website for purchasing. Being new to the states, the digital campaign helped Campos execute a push strategy to drive awareness as opposed to the pull strategy from Australia that favors a well-known brand.

Campos will begin roasting in November 2017 and open their retail location in Salt Lake City shortly after.