Uber for Business Dashboard | Create an intuitive interface for a SaaS solution targeting enterprise use.

Employee of: Uber 

The Ask: Design and test a new dashboard section for the Uber for Business platform. The goal of this section was help with the introduction of the monthly billing product that was in development. 

Capabilities: Digital Strategy, User Experience Design, User Research


Uber for Business is a travel management platform that enables companies easy ground transportation for employees. As one of the fastest growing verticals within Uber, the team was constantly iterating on our primary touchpoint, the admin web dashboard. Working with the support team and interviewing customers, we learned of opportunities to optimize the interface to better align with admin’s workflow. I redesigned the ‘Trips Page’ to enable new functionality and more useful travel details.

As the platform becomes more robust, we hypothesized an overview page would be a beneficial addition for customers to easily manage their account. I designed three versions of the ‘Overview Page’ that explored different ways to visually display information. In collaboration with a visual designer, we brought two of these into high-fidelity mocks then InVision prototypes. I planned and conducted a study to test validation and concept comprehension, which provided actionable insights for us to integrate into our next design iteration. The introduction of customer research early and throughout the design process has been a valued addition and practice that’s been utilized in subsequent team projects

U4B Web Platform IA: Conducting an audit on the existing features across the Uber for Business platform revealed inconsistencies that frequently accompany a minimum viable product with aggressive timelines. I proposed an information architecture that organized content to align with admin’s frequent task flows and mental model.

Overview Page Concepts: I presented three concepts for the new ‘Overview Page’ exploring best means to visually communicate account information and comparative data. These wireframes were brought into visual design for testing.

Overview Page Research: Following the customer research I presented the high-level findings and advised next steps in a deck that integrated clips from the studies to be shared throughout the team.

Trips Page Wireframes: Customer research around our existing ‘Trips Page’ provided actionable recommendations. These were captured in an annotated design document and implemented by the engineering team.