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Adidas Women's Website | Elevating a legacy brand to join the women’s fitness movement.

Adidas aspired to create a digital touchpoint and content strategy that showcases the company as an inspirational, authentic and empathetic brand for women. The iconic brand’s legacy was built through a conventional, male-focused approach to sports and athletics but overlooked the opportunity to make a meaningful connection with women. Research with women across the spectrum of fitness informed our strategy that taking a holistic lifestyle e-commerce approach would resonate and engage them at an emotional level.

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Uber for Business: Monthly Billing & Persona Development | Create the framework and experience for a complex monthly billing feature.

The payment process was a significant pain point for account admins using Uber’s business offering. On top of the usual expensing responsibilities, admins would have to log on to reconcile each trip with their credit card at the end of the month. Recognizing the need for a better customer experience and scalable solution, the team made it a priority to introduce monthly billing. This endeavor required design changes throughout the existing platform as well as new touchpoints and functionality.

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Uber for Business Dashboard | Create an intuitive interface for a SaaS solution targeting enterprise use.

Uber for Business is a travel management platform that enables companies easy ground transportation for employees. As one of the fastest growing verticals within Uber, the team was constantly iterating on our primary touchpoint, the admin web dashboard. By working with the support team and interviewing customers, we saw opportunities to optimize the interface to align with an admin’s workflow. I redesigned the ‘Trips Page’ to enable new functionality and useful travel details.

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